Monday, July 21, 2008

Our 4th of July in Pictures

Nana & Lilly prior to the parade on Uncle Kurt & Aunt Erika's porch. Lucky for all of us, the Fenton Freedom Festival parade went right past their house this year. It was really nice to be able to run back to the house for sunscreen, umbrellas (to shade the hot sun), drinks, etc. while we watched the never-ending parade!

Love her or hate her? Not really sure, yet. But this is Butterfly the clown. I don't think the girls were all that impressed. At least no one cried.

Gram was so surprised when Lauren gave her a kiss through the railing on the porch. Not me. We have been practicing. Each day, when I put Lauren down for her nap, we kiss through each of the slats on the end of her crib. See, I am teaching her real world skills!

I took this photo of Lauren at the end of the day. She was pretty beat because she hadn't napped. Still so adorable. We love when our little Lolo is quiet!

Our host & hostess, Kurt & Erika, a.k.a. Dirt & Erika in their neighborhood. Nice job, guys! We had a great day. Next time, we will leave the kids home!!!!

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