Monday, May 4, 2009

Let's Go Red Wings!!!!

Mom had round 2, game 2 tickets to the Red Wings vs. Ducks playoff game and she took me! I had a great time and thanks, again, Mom! Keith did not have as much fun since he was stuck at home with the two frustrating, mad that mommy left twins! Here are some before and during photos of our adventure to Detroit! I tried to post some videos too but not sure they are loading correctly. I may have to put them into another post.

From my phone....
From our parking spot...
From our center ice seats...

Taking a picture of someone else getting their picture taken.
Who knew that this was "fan"tastic attire to wear to a playoff game?
Mr. Mullet.
Warm ups

I have a lot of pictures of goalies because they hold still unlike the other players.


National Anthem
National Anthem
Face off