Monday, September 12, 2011



What can I really say about that girl?  She is a hoot!  Really.  Hilarious!  She does this funny thing with her eyes... think Chevy Chase.  She tells silly jokes and often adds a comedic wha wha at the end of something to signify a failure.

Tonight after her bath, I was trying to get her to focus on getting dressed.  She was too busy looking at a photo of me from when I was a little girl.

Lilly:  You were so cute when you were little.
Mama:  Thank you.  It looks like a picture of Lauren doesn't it?
L:  Yes..... You were little like me?
M:  Yup and someday you'll be big like me.  You'll be a mama with kids.  Do you want to be a mama?
L:  Nooooo!  That's silly!
M:  No, when you are older.  Do you want to have your own little kids?
L:  No.
M:  Why?
L:  I don't want to change all those stupid diapers!

(If you are aware of how difficult potty training has been with this stubborn little girl then you know how ironic her answer is!)

So now that my little darlings are in bed and actually sleeping for once, I need to head to bed myself.  I'm looking forward to week two of school and hoping that Lauren's bus ride home goes better this week.  She has cried every day this week.  She has one more week to stop crying or I am going to have to start picking her up.  Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No More Preschool Tears For Lilly

Sitting on the carpet at school getting ready to read a book with Mama and Lauren

Sitting in the car super excited to go in!

Posing pretty for me

This outfit is so awesome on her!  And yes, that is a Toy Story backpack filled with a T.S. lunch box, thermos and snack container.  Do you see why boys love Lilly?  They love her T.S. stuff!

Outside her classroom waiting for the doors to open!

Kindergarten?!! When Did That Happen?

Lauren started kindergarten!!!
Daddy and Lauren
Mama and Lauren
Grammy surprised Lauren by showing up to watch her get on the bus!  (Lilly saw her and said, "what does Grammy need now?)
Sweet sisters
Lauren is the first kid picked up on Mr. Norm's route!  She did awesome on the way to school but the way home was another story.  (The school over crowded the bus - 4 kids per seat - and had to pull kids off the bus.  She was crying because she didn't think she was going to get home!  Thank God our neighbor Ethan stayed right by her side the whole time!)