Monday, November 30, 2009

This Year, Santa is.... SCARY

Well, not really.  We went to see the same Santa and Mrs. Claus, again, and the girls wanted none of that!  They were so excited and couldn't wait until we tried to put them in the sleigh with the Christmas couple and it wasn't happening.  Lilly had a death grip on Keith and Lauren would not smile.  I was bound and determined to have a decent picture of the girls with Santa so I grabbed Lilly and stood alongside the sleigh and had Keith stand with me.  It was a family picture.  We are waiting anxiously to see how it turned out.  Until then, here are some cute pictures of the girls in their beautiful Christmas dresses. 

(Plus, we got to see baby cousin, William with Jon and Shannon, as well as, cousin Jenna, Justin and a very pregnant Carla.  Aunt Evie and Great Grammy were there, too.  I must also mention the picture of the two boy in rugby shirts is kind of a funny story.  The boys were flirting with my girls!!!  They kept smiling and waving hi.  Then they started with, "Hi pretty ladies."  It was funny at first but Keith and I were both ready to bump them to the back of the line for swooning over our girls.  The girls were way too young for them!  Now, I know how you feel Rachel!  Also, the last picture is not us.  The couple in front of us had two little girls, Lily (2 1/2) and Sophia (baby).  Sophia was happy to sit with Santa but Lily didn't like him so they also did a family picture.)


Friday, November 20, 2009

November 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom (Grammy)!