Thursday, February 12, 2009


Last night as we finished dinner, Lauren noticed our shadows cast across the dining room wall. She started waving to her shadow and then pointed out daddy's shadow. She found mine, too. Lilly was sitting on the other side of the light so her shadow wasn't on the same wall.
Lauren asked, "Where is Lilly's shadow?"
Keith replied, "She has no soul."
He didn't want me to put it on here because it made him sound like a bad dad but it was really funny.

We have been busy around here. We had to have our well replaced. Not fun. We were without well water for more than two weeks. Luckily we had a hose connected to our neighbors. We made it through that so we are hoping that the new year will only get better.

Sorry, I have been just inf0rmed that it is bath time and I am needed. I will post pictures later.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A New Year & New Pictures

Okay. I know I haven't been here in ages but this is partly due to the girls being sick over and over but also because I have a new obsession. Facebook. What a fun place! I can't believe the people I have reconnected with.

Anyway, the girls are finally healthy but had been sick for almost an entire month. First they had the flu, ear infections, throw in some teething for Lilly right in the middle and then the Rotovirus. Not pleasant. Keith and I managed to stay pretty healthy. I had an ear infection and Keith had the flu just before the girls got it. Did I mention how horrible the flu hit the girls? Lilly threw up for three days straight. Lauren threw up for two days straight. Every hour someone was throwing up and we all know how much fun it can be to get a toddler to throw up in the toilet or in a bucket. Right! It usually ended up on the girls, our clothes, the blankets, bathroom rug, etc. What makes it even better is that our well quit and we did not have any water during this time. We went through a ton of baby wipes and bottled water. Our well isn't finished, yet. It should be finished up by Friday. We had to have a whole new well put in. Ouch $$$!!! They finished drilling the new well yesterday but the guy has to come back tomorrow and finish digging from the well to the house so that we are totally connected. Don't worry, we do have some water. Our very generous neighbors have allowed us to hook up to their spiquet so a single garden hose is providing all the water we need for flushing the toilet, taking showers, washing clothes and dishes. Speaking of dishes, I do those entirely by hand now because of four year old dishwasher which had a completely new motor put in 2007 had decided to not work. It has been leaking and completely ruined our wood floors in the kitchen. So we are going to have to fix the dishwasher and replace our floor. The bad thing is that the wood floor runs from the kitchen to the dining room, into the entry and down the hallway. I hope we can just replace the kitchen floor without it looking too weird.

So things haven't been particularily great around here but they're getting better.
To keep things light, I drew moustaches on the girls and took pictures. I did this in part because I really get a kick out of it but because my cousin Shannon has a lot of moustaches on her facebook page. It has been kind of a tribute to her dad and his stache. So I call these pictures, "The Girls and Their Chet-Staches." Enjoy.

Drilling for the new well.

The girls wrestling.

A Lilly sandwich

I love the look of her cheeks in this picture.

Lilly and panda

I will try to stay off of Facebook and come over here a little more often. I said "try."