Saturday, August 29, 2009

Digi Scraps

I just updated my other blog with my latest digital scrapbooking pages. Just click on my profile and scroll down until you see the Digital Scrapbook link.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Playing at the Park

A few pictures from our day...

Lilly coloring. She ended up with one gigantic green dot behind her right ear.

Lauren "writing" a letter.
We went to a nearby park late this morning. When we left, we had it to ourselves but when we first got there, it was a nightmare.
Lilly's senior picture pose.
I don't know how she does it but she always manages to get sand in her hair. If she isn't throwing onto her head herself, she is dipping her head into it.
Lilly running from Lauren after I said, "give your sister a hug."

Lauren on the basketball court.
You'll see....
Wait... you'll see what they are doing...
swinging like monkeys.

They played really well together today. Well, at the park, at least. At home it was a WWE wrestling match!
Lilly down the twisty slide....
Lauren down the twisty slide. I felt like a mama bear whenever the big kids would climb up the slide and my little ones were coming down it.

Reminds me of an 80s model hanging out on a sailboat and spotting someone she knows like, hey, there you are!

They were both so nervous at first because there were a lot of big, older boys there.
I don't know why she makes this squished up silly smile but I love it.
Poor, Keith. Every time he tries to mow the lawn, this is the outcome.
Cute feet.
This is exactly Lilly's personality. Grubby and playful.
The sun hit Lilly's hair just right. Wow! That is red.
Lilly wouldn't keep the earmuffs on but was decidedly unhappy about helping daddy mow the lawn.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Blame it on Facebook...

I have clearly been ignoring Blogger, again. It is so much faster to upload pics to Facebook. So here is a quick update in pictures.

In August we celebrated the girls' birthdays. Lilly is now 2 and Lauren is 3.

Lauren wearing her Snow White dress and headband that Lilly gave her for her birthday.

Sisters kissing
Lilly in her borrowed and tattered Cinderella dress. She should consider herself very honored to be allowed to wear such a marvelous frock. (I still can't believe Lauren gave it to her.)

The birthday cake after the girls got it.
Frosted covered birthday girls.

Lauren in Aunt Erika's boots. Should mention that at some point before the party started, my dad started watching a channel that eventually started showing COPS. It was never turned off and believe it or not, it was a marathon! So during our daughters' 2nd/3rd birthday party, inmates were chased and apprehended in a near life size display for all to see!

Two candles for Lil and Three candles for Lauren
Their new Barbie jeep. I love, love, love Lauren's face in this picture!
The Snoopy1 Airship was in front of the house for about 30 minutes a few days after the Buick Open.
Lilly dancing on her birthday.
She just discovered that her sweet, big sister gave her a Snow White doll for her birthday. It was Lauren's decision.

For the girls' birthdays, we bought tickets to go see The Wiggles at the Palace. It was fun. It took the girls a long time to warm up to the whole idea. The Palace was just so big it overwhelmed them, especially Lauren!

Mama and Lauren after the concert.

Lilly trying to distance herself from us. This is a newly found joy of hers. She likes to run away and see how far she can get.

Lilly polishing off the popcorn.

Murray Wiggle came right over to where we were sitting.
Keith's Wiggle Girlfriend. To be fair, this is not a good picture of her. She is cuter than this.

Daddy and his little girl.
She is just such a cool kid!
Lauren wanted to help Daddy get drinks and popcorn. Looks like Daddy didn't get much help!
Pa with his little darlings. (Side note: My mom came down tonight and when she got up from her nap, Keith woke her up by saying, "Do you want to go see Grammy? She is here." Lilly said, "No." Then she looked around and said, "Pa?" She was down right bummed that Pa was not with Grammy. She has always been Pa's little girl.)
OUCH!!! I still hate looking at this. Lauren fell on our front porch projecting herself into the lattice that is on the side of the door. This is what happened instantaneously! Nearly a week later and she still has black and blue eyes. The b&b eyes didn't appear until a few days after. It was scary but she just rubbed her head later and said she was all better. She handled it much better than I did.
Yesterday, I put the girls in the tub, stripped them down, gave them paints and brushes and said have fun! The weird thing is that I occasionally read other blogs like my cousin Rachel's and some of the blogs she links to on her page. The same day I was doing this, she had a friend that was doing the same thing with her kids. I guess the painting bug was in the air!

The girls... I actually encouraged them to paint themselves and get messy because they were (shockingly) staying neat and painting little pictures.

Notice the highlights in their hair compliments of Mama!

Outside playing with the Dunckels! Our neighbors just returned from two months in Spain - Esther is Spanish and they have a place there. Her family is all still there.
Chris, Lauren, Ethan and Lilly. Lilly was right between Chris and Lauren until I brought my camera out.
I am so proud of this drawing Lauren drew of me. She gave me hair, ears, eyes, nose and a mouth complete with teeth! I was so impressed!!!! I have never drawn anything like this with her.
Making welcome home brownies for the Dunckels. Lauren got to lick the whisk, Lilly got a spoon and Keith got the bowl. Mama got nada!