Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In in Tawas, Trick....

The girls and I took a trip up North to visit with Grammy and Pa last week. We had a great time! Lots of sun and fun... (Of course, everything is in reverse order of how the weekend occurred but you'll get over it :D)

Lauren watering Grammy's flowers.

Grammy helping Lauren water flowers.
One of my absolute favorite places in the world, the Tawas Point lighthouse at Tawas Point State Park. Love it!
A little Lauren footprint in the sand.
Lilly wandering down the beach. The lake is on the left and a lagoon leftover from some high tides and rain is on the right.
The lighthouse from our location on the beach. The lighthouse is behind a "bluff" which is why is looks short.

Lilly watching the kite that the man behind her is flying.
Ooh, pretty!
Lilly on the edge of the lagoon. I just love her pose.

Bathing beauty Lil
Bathing beauty Lolo
She did this in response to the attention Lilly was getting from us for the next picture.
Silly little ham!
Patriotic Lil!
A major zoom into the top of the lighthouse. They were giving tours that day. I didn't have enough time and I really don't think Grammy and the girls should have been climbing all those winding stairs.
Grammy and her little ones wading through the lagoon.
Lilly was absolutely crazy about the lagoon. It was about 20 degrees warmer than the lake.
Mr. Seagull.
Grammy and Lauren go for a walk.
My what pretty, sandy feet. :D
The girls pausing for a little snack of goldfish, cheese and grapes.
She was so cold and miserable. Weirdo!
One of the kites the guys had for kite boarding. It was unbelievably windy out there but they said it wasn't windy enough! What!!!!????
The guy on the left was getting instructions on how to kite surf.
Look how he is struggling with the force of the kite on that harness! Not windy enough my butt!
Another beautiful shot of the lighthouse.
One of the many boats way off the point.
I'm telling you...this is one of the best places in the world. Look at the clear water and perfect sandy bottom! It was a little cold but I played anyway!

Lilly playing on one of the bikes Grammy and Pa keep at their house for the girls to play on.
Going out for ice cream in, ack, Oscoda after having dinner at Desi's.
Two cuties eating Superman ice cream. Super messy. Good thing they sat next to Pa!
Pa had to constantly clean them up.
Surprise... it's ice cream!
Blurry but cute
This may be Lil's first ice cream cone. Not sure.
In this pic, Lilly is wondering where her cone is.

So yummy.

My favorite restaurant.
Lauren bunny.
My cousin, Flynn bunny.
Lauren and cousin Flynn share a hug. Lauren looks unhappy only because she had fallen asleep in the car and mean ol' mommy made her get up.
Lilly saw me put my camera up and turned to the camera and yelled, "Cheese!" She has got this down!
A bird feeder at mom and dad's.
My mother, the crafty woman that she is, planted flowers in an old pair of shoes. Nice.
In mom's garden
This is the street I grew up on. Good ol' Janet Street. The best childhood I could have asked for.
Kissing sisters.
Daisy. She just turned 12! See, Dad is no longer coloring her gray with a sharpie marker. She is all natural now. (You can't imagine how hard I am laughing as I am typing this. Love you, Dad!)
Grammy and Pa's house. I took this picture not only to have another picture of my childhood home but to try to take a picture that didn't have a ghost in the window. Not kidding! My room is the last on the right. We have a picture that shows a ghost, looks like a young boy, staring out of my room! I have goose bumps right now.
Lauren in the woods climbing on the fence in the back yard.
Lilly, acting like her daddy, and checking to make sure the vehicle is safe to drive.
They were wrestling.
dancing and playing in Grammy and Pa's backyard
Riding bikes.

Although, I wear sunscreen religiously, I burnt my back. Ouch. It still itches really badly but that was the only bad thing to happen during our trip. We had the best time and I can't wait to head back up there. I wish there was more summer.