Saturday, March 28, 2009

Keith Works for NASA Now

I have been running around the house all day picking up and cleaning, trying to make the place look decent. Unfortunately, cute little forces have been working against me. Every single time I turn around, the girls are making a new mess. Keith is even leaving messes for me to pick up. Ridiculous! Finally, I asked him what he was doing today or planned to do. Very seriously he said, "I'm landing the shuttle." He has the computer hooked into the television and has been watching the shuttle's return to Earth via He is glued to it. And if you have ever watched a shuttle return, it is a whole lot of quiet and non-excitement as you wait and wait and wait. They were ready to land once but the cross wind was too high so they had to do another revolution. It takes 1 1/2 hours for the shuttle to revolve around the Earth. Did you know that? And Keith has been watching all of it!!! Come on! He could have started a load of laundry or put away the things he drug out during lunch. He could have vacuumed; since there is normally no talk or noise during the return, it wouldn't have made much of a difference. But apparently, for the good of the country, I have to sit back and allow Keith to safely guide the shuttle into Kennedy Space Center. Oh Boy!

Meanwhile, all Lauren talks about is Cinderella. She told me this morning that we had to get in the car and drive to 'Rella's house...NOW! I just told her that it takes two days to get to 'Rella's house in the car so we couldn't go now but we would talk to Daddy. I don't know how long that will hold her but with all the expenses we have had lately, we just can't afford it for a little while.

This picture is how I found my shoes and her Cinderella dress in Lauren's room the other day. Cute, huh?

I mentioned that Lauren is now signed up for Preschool. Well, when I returned from registering her, this is what I found. Keith and Grammy taking pictures of the girls sitting in the toy box. The room was covered in toys. (Yes, I am the one who picked them up.) This is just one of the many pictures that Keith and my mom took. I thought this one was funny because I am not certain how Lilly thought she was going to get into the box that way. For more pictures, follow the link on the right to Debbie's Blog.

As you know, the girls love to dress up. Here they are dressed as Princess Cinderella and Queen Lilly. They were laughing so hard.

Also, Auntie Kelle spent a day at Disneyland and sent the girls two princess Minnie Mouse hats. They are so cute. They are so difficult to photograph when they are wearing this but here, Kel... photos of the girls in their adorable hats. Thank you.

Last weekend, I went to a baby shower for Kathryn Conzelmann Zaskowski. It was held at Zenhders in Frankenmuth. Keith, the girls and Grandpa Swartz hung out at the Bavarian Inn Lodge where the entire Conzelmann family was staying so that the girls could go swimming with Drew, Sarah's little boy who is the same age as Lauren. Unfortunately, the pool was closed for cleaning on a Saturday from 11:30 - 1: 30! The same time as the shower. I repeat, on a SATURDAY! I think it was a rather stupid time to do it but maybe someone pooped in the pool and in that case, thank you Bavarian Inn. So when I was done with the shower, Keith, the girls and I headed to the pool. They had a great time and here are just a few pics from the shower and pool. I wish I had fixed the red eye but I just wanted to get these on here. Maybe later.

Mark and Susan - who has a lot of water experience even though she is so young.

Jourdan and Susan

Sarah and Susan

Kathryn - with a very little pregnant belly. So cute!

Drew splashing in the fountains of the wading pool.

Keith and Lauren.

Lilly playing in one of the pool fountains. This was a favorite of hers. She fell down in the pool and went under just for a second but it scared her enough to get out.

Keith, Lauren and Lilly after her little dunk.

Lauren doesn't take naps but one day she was so tired, she crashed with her head in her baby's bed. She was out cold. Note the glass slippers still on her feet.

Lilly's red hair.

Another shot of Lilly's red hair.

The girls drawing in the driveway.

Happy little Lauren.

Sharing. Doesn't happen often but yeah!!!

Another cute shot of Lilly and her red hair.

All dimples

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Preschool Ready

Well, it is a done deal. Lauren is now signed up for 3 year old preschool as of Monday night. What a zoo! I'm glad that is over and done. Lauren will start September 10th in Miss Hiler's morning class. I think Lauren is going to love her. She is young and super sweet. I think she is exactly what Lauren will need to help her with her separation anxiety.
Lauren and I made cookies tonight. She spent about 1 hour rolling the dough! I just wanted to get them done but we had to go on her schedule. Then we decorated them with butter cream frosting in green, white, blue and pink. Of course, the pink was the first color that ran out. She loves pink! Then she starting dumping sprinkles on the cookies. I had one of those sprinkle containers with six different vials of sprinkles on it. Several of the cookies ended up with one entire vial of sprinkles on them. Yuck! It sure was a pretty mess.
Lilly is getting funnier and funnier everyday. Keith and I think, no, we fear that she is going to be just like her Auntie Kelle. She will do something she is not suppose to do, we will tell her no and she will smile and then do it anyway. She is constantly climbing! I often find her on the table. Plus, she is always getting into the cat food. We keep the food and water dishes near the garage door at the top of the stairs. The devious little monster throws the food into the water and then down the stairs. She thinks it is so funny but the timeouts that come as a consequence aren't that funny to her. Hmm, wonder why?
One surprise we have had is Lilly's hair. It is definitely turning red! I wouldn't be surprised if it changes more but it really looks like we have a little redhead! I wonder if it came from her crazy Irish family or the crazy Italians? Either way, it is super cute!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just a test

This is a test entry. Terry let me know if you were able to get the link that I emailed you. Just leave a comment. If I don't see it on here within the next week, I will try something else.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Red Wing Jerseys Take 1

Another blog? So soon? First my children eat a raw ear of corn and now Lauren is eating out of a toy dog dish. Luckily, it is filled with peas. I can't think of a more delicious way to serve them.

Also, Grammy pulled the girls into her obsession. She bought the girls their own Red Wing jerseys. They look so cute in them but they don't want to wear them, yet. I think they need to get use to the fabric. This is all I managed to get photo wise. I'll try to get more so other time.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Preschool Open House Night

Believe it or not, it is time to register Lauren for preschool. We went to the preschool open house at West Shore Elementary School. They had both preschool teachers there, the classrooms were open and they had a circus theme. It was fun but completely overwhelming. There were so many people there! I was told they always have a waiting list but they have yet to turn away any 3 year olds! Relief! I can't wait for her to go to school in the fall!

Being who I am, I had my camera stuffed in my purse to take a few shots. The other parents looked at me like I was a leaper but I am pretty sure they were just jealous they didn't think of it!

Here is West Shore Elementary. I use to teach her for awhile! I really like it. The teachers are great and our neighbor Ethan goes there, too!

One of the classrooms had a loft with dolls. Lauren was in heaven. I don't know which teacher had this room but that is the room I want Lauren to be in. If I ever have a class of my own, I am putting a loft in it. So much fun!!! There was a coloring station below it.

Lilly had a good time, too. Keith walked her around to the different stations to do activities but she preferred the book circle.

Lauren climbing down from the loft.

I don't know which one of us is more excited for Lauren to go to school... Lauren or me!!!

Lilly Eats Corn on the Cob - Raw

I was prepping the corn on the cob for dinner. It was sitting on a plate, uncooked. Lilly was sitting on the counter "helping" me when she reached over and grabbed a cob. She bit right into it without hesitation. I managed to snag it away from her to get a picture of the gobbled up cob but she ate the entire thing! Lauren was a little jealous and asked for her corn cob. She took three bites out of it and I asked her if it was good. She said no but continued to eat another two bites just to make sure. Lauren didn't eat any of the corn at dinner but Lilly had a second cob! She ate so much all day!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Update in Pictures.

I know it really has been forever. But here are a few shy of a million pictures.

Keith is in Denver. He has been there for nearly 2 1/2 weeks and should be coming home sometime this weekend. We hope. Not quite sure if he is flying or driving home. We have been missing him sooo much. All three of us girls have been sick but luckily it has been at different times. First Lauren threw up so unexpectedly during the night and next day. Few days later, Lilly through up in the middle of dinner and continued until the middle of the night but still did not feel well for a few days. Then, I was up with Lauren just before midnight Wednesday and started feeling queasy. I just shrugged it off as being tired and really upset with Lauren not sleeping. Nope, I woke up really sick and had to call my mom. She came down to take care of the girls and I spent the entire day and night in bed. The next morning she went to work. I called her around 9:30 and let her know I was vomiting, again. So, the best mom in the world came back. She did not get sick but now has a broken rib from something that happened at my house. Poor Mom! She is so fragile!
Lauren has been speaking in such well formed sentences now. It is really amazing. Keith can't believe what she says to him on the phone and the webcam because she wasn't talking like that when he left. We were brushing our teeth one morning and she yelled for Lilly. "Lilly, come brush your teeth!" Perfect! She has said some other things that have completely blown my mind with how complicated they are. Still, not everything comes out right. When she doesn't want something she will say, "No apple a me." (Replace apple with whatever that is bothering her at the moment.)
Lilly is still so giggly and sweet but has learned a few of her sister's not so fine qualities. She has had a couple of tantrums but they are over quite quickly. Lauren's tantrums started one month earlier than Lilly's. I really hope I don't have to deal with two going through the terrible twos at the same time! The chances are not stacked in my favor!
So without further ado, here are our pictures. I will try to come here more often and not always to facebook. If you have facebook and you require updates on the Swartz family much more frequently than this blog, add me.
Thanks for sticking with me.

Lilly on the phone with Daddy.

Lauren on the phone with Daddy. We have three handsets so all 3 of us were on the phone with Keith at the same time.

Cutie pie, Lauren.
Lilly eating in Lauren's booster seat like a big girl and lovin' it!
Two little girls pretending to use the potty. I say pretending because no one is even remotely interested in being a big girl. They are all talk!
Pa reading to Lilly.
The girls watching Cinderella on their dvd player for the car. Grandpa and Grandma Swartz bought it for them for Christmas and we have been using it quite often lately; only one time in the car because we haven't gone anywhere!
Lolo and her mama!
Keith wasn't with me on my birthday so he sent the most beautiful flowers.

Both girls with bows in their hair.

Pretty Lauren.
Pa playing with Lilly.
Lauren, Lil and I did outline drawings of them. It was fun but Lilly was really hard to do. She wiggled way too much.
Lauren eating my birthday cupcakes before they were ready to bake. They did not have eggs in them yet. This girl is completely crazy about cake.
Grammy and Lilly.
One morning, and that is a very early morning, both girls woke up and were in bed with me. Lilly looks like she is laughing in this pic but she was yawning.
One of the few times Lauren has wanted to pose with Lilly.
This is how almost every meal ends up! Okay, not exactly but she is a really messy child. Lauren was never as consistently messy as Lilly.
Her fake smile.
Dancing, Dancing, Dancing! They are party machines!
I just like this picture of Lauren.
Two girls in the toy box.
Lilly looking tired and cute.
Miss Lauren wearing her bathing suit and Lilly's and playing in their Dora the Explorer tent. The tent is on its side.
Pretty girl.
Lilly charging the camera. I think she looks like cousin Ryan Howser in this picture.
The girls getting ready to go out on that really warm day we had in February. They are looking adorable in their hats from Great Aunt Diane.

Mr. Frankie.
Lauren playing dress up in a costume that had belonged to our neighbor.