Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Preschool Ready

Well, it is a done deal. Lauren is now signed up for 3 year old preschool as of Monday night. What a zoo! I'm glad that is over and done. Lauren will start September 10th in Miss Hiler's morning class. I think Lauren is going to love her. She is young and super sweet. I think she is exactly what Lauren will need to help her with her separation anxiety.
Lauren and I made cookies tonight. She spent about 1 hour rolling the dough! I just wanted to get them done but we had to go on her schedule. Then we decorated them with butter cream frosting in green, white, blue and pink. Of course, the pink was the first color that ran out. She loves pink! Then she starting dumping sprinkles on the cookies. I had one of those sprinkle containers with six different vials of sprinkles on it. Several of the cookies ended up with one entire vial of sprinkles on them. Yuck! It sure was a pretty mess.
Lilly is getting funnier and funnier everyday. Keith and I think, no, we fear that she is going to be just like her Auntie Kelle. She will do something she is not suppose to do, we will tell her no and she will smile and then do it anyway. She is constantly climbing! I often find her on the table. Plus, she is always getting into the cat food. We keep the food and water dishes near the garage door at the top of the stairs. The devious little monster throws the food into the water and then down the stairs. She thinks it is so funny but the timeouts that come as a consequence aren't that funny to her. Hmm, wonder why?
One surprise we have had is Lilly's hair. It is definitely turning red! I wouldn't be surprised if it changes more but it really looks like we have a little redhead! I wonder if it came from her crazy Irish family or the crazy Italians? Either way, it is super cute!

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Aunt Angela said...

It is super cute. Love, AA