Saturday, March 28, 2009

Keith Works for NASA Now

I have been running around the house all day picking up and cleaning, trying to make the place look decent. Unfortunately, cute little forces have been working against me. Every single time I turn around, the girls are making a new mess. Keith is even leaving messes for me to pick up. Ridiculous! Finally, I asked him what he was doing today or planned to do. Very seriously he said, "I'm landing the shuttle." He has the computer hooked into the television and has been watching the shuttle's return to Earth via He is glued to it. And if you have ever watched a shuttle return, it is a whole lot of quiet and non-excitement as you wait and wait and wait. They were ready to land once but the cross wind was too high so they had to do another revolution. It takes 1 1/2 hours for the shuttle to revolve around the Earth. Did you know that? And Keith has been watching all of it!!! Come on! He could have started a load of laundry or put away the things he drug out during lunch. He could have vacuumed; since there is normally no talk or noise during the return, it wouldn't have made much of a difference. But apparently, for the good of the country, I have to sit back and allow Keith to safely guide the shuttle into Kennedy Space Center. Oh Boy!

Meanwhile, all Lauren talks about is Cinderella. She told me this morning that we had to get in the car and drive to 'Rella's house...NOW! I just told her that it takes two days to get to 'Rella's house in the car so we couldn't go now but we would talk to Daddy. I don't know how long that will hold her but with all the expenses we have had lately, we just can't afford it for a little while.

This picture is how I found my shoes and her Cinderella dress in Lauren's room the other day. Cute, huh?

I mentioned that Lauren is now signed up for Preschool. Well, when I returned from registering her, this is what I found. Keith and Grammy taking pictures of the girls sitting in the toy box. The room was covered in toys. (Yes, I am the one who picked them up.) This is just one of the many pictures that Keith and my mom took. I thought this one was funny because I am not certain how Lilly thought she was going to get into the box that way. For more pictures, follow the link on the right to Debbie's Blog.

As you know, the girls love to dress up. Here they are dressed as Princess Cinderella and Queen Lilly. They were laughing so hard.

Also, Auntie Kelle spent a day at Disneyland and sent the girls two princess Minnie Mouse hats. They are so cute. They are so difficult to photograph when they are wearing this but here, Kel... photos of the girls in their adorable hats. Thank you.

Last weekend, I went to a baby shower for Kathryn Conzelmann Zaskowski. It was held at Zenhders in Frankenmuth. Keith, the girls and Grandpa Swartz hung out at the Bavarian Inn Lodge where the entire Conzelmann family was staying so that the girls could go swimming with Drew, Sarah's little boy who is the same age as Lauren. Unfortunately, the pool was closed for cleaning on a Saturday from 11:30 - 1: 30! The same time as the shower. I repeat, on a SATURDAY! I think it was a rather stupid time to do it but maybe someone pooped in the pool and in that case, thank you Bavarian Inn. So when I was done with the shower, Keith, the girls and I headed to the pool. They had a great time and here are just a few pics from the shower and pool. I wish I had fixed the red eye but I just wanted to get these on here. Maybe later.

Mark and Susan - who has a lot of water experience even though she is so young.

Jourdan and Susan

Sarah and Susan

Kathryn - with a very little pregnant belly. So cute!

Drew splashing in the fountains of the wading pool.

Keith and Lauren.

Lilly playing in one of the pool fountains. This was a favorite of hers. She fell down in the pool and went under just for a second but it scared her enough to get out.

Keith, Lauren and Lilly after her little dunk.

Lauren doesn't take naps but one day she was so tired, she crashed with her head in her baby's bed. She was out cold. Note the glass slippers still on her feet.

Lilly's red hair.

Another shot of Lilly's red hair.

The girls drawing in the driveway.

Happy little Lauren.

Sharing. Doesn't happen often but yeah!!!

Another cute shot of Lilly and her red hair.

All dimples

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