Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stranger T.M.I.

The girls and I took a quick trip up to Flint to go to the JoAnn store there. While inside, we attracted the attention of an old man following his wife around. The following conversation took place not once but twice because he either forgot that he had already talked to us or truly thought we different people the second time. Still funny both times...

Old man creeps in from the side. Smiles at Lilly and comments on the girls' cute smiles adding that they are keepers.
Me: Thank you.
Old man: I have 24 great grandchildren.
Me: Wow.
Old man: I have 19 grandchildren.
Me: Congratulations, that is great.
Old man begins to walk away but actually comes a little closer and whispers: If I ever make it home to Germany, I am sure I will find a few more. Then wanders back to his wife who did not hear a word of this conversation.

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