Saturday, April 25, 2009

Today in Few Words...

Keith and I had a conversation that started out, "You know. As I have gotten older, I notice that when I check out women....." Uh....yeah.

While in the drive through at Uncle Ray's to get frozen yogurt with Grammy, Lilly ripped a very large, rumbly fart. Lauren shouts in disgust, "Lilly farted on me!" ("Farted" came out sounding a little British!) It was really funny.

Our lawn tractor went kurplunk today and Keith had to drive down to his dad's to borrow his trailer and tractor. He took my car. Lilly and Lauren were climbing in the front window and noticed that Mama's car was gone. Lauren started running through the house screaming hysterically, "I lost the car. I lost the car." She did not like that Keith took her car!

We worked in the yard this morning while it was beautiful. The girls played and played while I trimmed the two bushes directly off the deck. I was wearing my heavy duty garden gloves but I am arms have welts all over them and are so itchy and they sting whenever I get water on them. I knew that happens to me but I thought I was completely protected. Ouch. Now I have a reason to avoid them.

The sunshine didn't last and we had a big downpour. So we all ended the afternoon with a nice nap while the storm really kicked up.

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auntie kelle said...

i lost the car!!! too funny.