Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cinderella is Everywhere!!!

By now, if you have learned anything about Lauren then you know how much she LOVES Cinderella! I found this woman on (the most fantastic place that consumes almost as much of my time as facebook!) who paints children's clothing. When I saw the Cinderella pants, I knew I had to get them. The price was fairly reasonable, too. She was wonderful to work with. She uses gently worn (sometimes new) clothing. I picked the short sleeve shirt with summer coming up but for the same price, I could have had the long shirt. For the jeans, I told her that Lauren was really skinny and if she had any adjustable waist pants, I would prefer to have those. That is what I got! Size 2T adjustable waist jeans from Old Navy. Those tend to fit Lauren just right! She absolutely adores her new Cinderella outfit and I think I may have to order more for Lilly! Go to and search Babykid35 or follow this link. I just noticed that she has some Snow White, Lion King, Ariel and some really cute bunnies!

And finally, who can forget Miss Lilly? Just like Lauren did when she was Lilly's age, she has found a way to climb into the middle of the easel! Looks like fun!

At my mom's urging, I entered Lilly in the Children's Place/Good Morning America cute baby contest. Lauren is too old now. They would be fools not to pick my sweet, pretty, little Lilly!

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