Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Muddy Pictures

Lauren has the hat on backwards, cherry chapstick smeared all over her face and no pants. She just danced and danced.

Lilly bear is so happy.

Keith after working so hard all day in the yard.

The girls getting into their sandbox.

Brand new sandbox Keith made.

After all the rain we had lately, the big puddles were bound to come back. Lilly wandered (supervised) to the very back edge of our yard and splashed around. I decided to go ahead and let both girls play in the water. It was a warm day and clothes can be washed.

Toothy-smile Lil
Lilly playing dress up in Lauren's old Lil' Dolly dress from Grandma Jo.
She woke up so happy, of course! Those are Grandpa Swartz's eyes! (And Uncle Kurt's red hair.)
Being goofy with Daddy after a bath.
I got the girls some "tattoos" out of a vending machine at our favorite Chinese restaurant. Lilly got the "fighting hellfish." Okay, it was a glittery fish but I like calling it the "fighting hellfish" after the Simpson's episode.
Grammy and Lauren swinging in the backyard.
The gazebo were Keith proposed to me. It is prettier at Christmas with its tree and sparkling lights.
The girls and I washed the car on the first nice day of last week. They still don't know what to make of it. I told them it was a bath for the car and oohed and aahed over the bubbles and water but they were still a little freaked.

The sheep farm that is about a quarter of a mile down the road from our house. We always "baa" at the sheep as we go by. If there aren't any cars behind me, I will slow down or stop so the girls can get a good look. One day I will stop and ask if we can see them up close.

Pa, Lauren, Lilly and Grammy

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auntie kelle said...

i love all the new pictures. especially the fighting hellfish. the girls are both sooo beautiful. i love and miss you all!