Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sleep Monsters

Lilly just woke up screaming her little head off. This is a usual occurrence for the Swartz household. I'm starting to believe it is just our destiny to have children who do not sleep well. I don't get it... I try to be very consistent with them at night. Lauren has been relearning how to sleep in her own bed and is doing very well. She has been sleeping in there for a week now. If you remember, she was a decent sleeper and then, POOF, November came along and she decided she was not napping and was terrified to sleep alone. We caved. I know we shouldn't have but if you do not or have never had two very young kids at night, you don't realize how tiring it can be and that we do what it takes to ensure that we get some sleep. We let her sleep in our bed. Now, she sleeps in her room and I let her come into bed with me around 7 a.m. for about an hour. It works for us.
Now, back to Miss Lilly. She has been waking every four hours. I suspect that she is getting some new teeth. She could be having some bad dreams. I really don't know. Tonight, as I was putting her back in her crib, I was reliving her infant months. She really is such a precious, little girl. I remembered singing "Hey There Delilah," to calm her down as I cradled her in my arms. She has gotten so big now but she is getting cuter everyday. She counted to five with me tonight. Yesterday, I was trying to discipline her for getting into the cat food, AGAIN, and I told her she had until the count of three to move away from it or she was getting a time out.
Me: "One!"
Lilly: (Without missing a beat,) "Two." Smiles.
Me: (Trying not to laugh,) "That is right, two!"
She counted it out but did not move away so she did get a time out that she wasn't too thrilled about.

Tuesday, I had a doctor's appointment for my ears, again, and the doctor that is filling in for our doctor was so excited to see the girls because he will be in the same boat in June. His daughter will be 1 mid-June and his son will be born the first week of June. Yup, same boat. He had a million questions for me and a few of them were the ones I usually get. First, he asked if they were twins. Then he made the statement I hear all the time, "That is nice because they will be best friends." Then I had to shatter his picture perfect image of his future family by telling him that the girls fight nearly all the time. Lauren does not know how to nor does she want to share. She has informed Lilly that I am Lauren's mommy not Lilly's. She pushes her down all the time. Lilly has a big ol' bruise on her cheek today from a huge push from Lauren this morning. Lauren constantly shuts doors on Lilly and won't let her in or out of the room...whatever her mood is at the moment. God help Lilly if she so much as looks at something Lauren thinks is hers. For awhile, Lauren would reaffirm her ownership of various items by crying out in her sleep. For example, "No Lilly! My socks!" Like Lilly wants nothing better than to put on Lauren's dirty socks, in the middle of the night, mind you! I'm sure at some point, the girls will get along better. I mean, right now they play completely differently. Lilly has no attention span, fliting from toy to toy. Lauren can stay focused on one thing at a time and is really getting into imaginative play. Lilly does not want to dress up like a princess and pretend to dance at the ball. Next year, I am sure they will have Keith building them a stage to dance on together but at this point in time, Lauren would rather push Lil off the stage and shine in the spotlight by herself.

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