Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Update in Pictures.

I know it really has been forever. But here are a few shy of a million pictures.

Keith is in Denver. He has been there for nearly 2 1/2 weeks and should be coming home sometime this weekend. We hope. Not quite sure if he is flying or driving home. We have been missing him sooo much. All three of us girls have been sick but luckily it has been at different times. First Lauren threw up so unexpectedly during the night and next day. Few days later, Lilly through up in the middle of dinner and continued until the middle of the night but still did not feel well for a few days. Then, I was up with Lauren just before midnight Wednesday and started feeling queasy. I just shrugged it off as being tired and really upset with Lauren not sleeping. Nope, I woke up really sick and had to call my mom. She came down to take care of the girls and I spent the entire day and night in bed. The next morning she went to work. I called her around 9:30 and let her know I was vomiting, again. So, the best mom in the world came back. She did not get sick but now has a broken rib from something that happened at my house. Poor Mom! She is so fragile!
Lauren has been speaking in such well formed sentences now. It is really amazing. Keith can't believe what she says to him on the phone and the webcam because she wasn't talking like that when he left. We were brushing our teeth one morning and she yelled for Lilly. "Lilly, come brush your teeth!" Perfect! She has said some other things that have completely blown my mind with how complicated they are. Still, not everything comes out right. When she doesn't want something she will say, "No apple a me." (Replace apple with whatever that is bothering her at the moment.)
Lilly is still so giggly and sweet but has learned a few of her sister's not so fine qualities. She has had a couple of tantrums but they are over quite quickly. Lauren's tantrums started one month earlier than Lilly's. I really hope I don't have to deal with two going through the terrible twos at the same time! The chances are not stacked in my favor!
So without further ado, here are our pictures. I will try to come here more often and not always to facebook. If you have facebook and you require updates on the Swartz family much more frequently than this blog, add me.
Thanks for sticking with me.

Lilly on the phone with Daddy.

Lauren on the phone with Daddy. We have three handsets so all 3 of us were on the phone with Keith at the same time.

Cutie pie, Lauren.
Lilly eating in Lauren's booster seat like a big girl and lovin' it!
Two little girls pretending to use the potty. I say pretending because no one is even remotely interested in being a big girl. They are all talk!
Pa reading to Lilly.
The girls watching Cinderella on their dvd player for the car. Grandpa and Grandma Swartz bought it for them for Christmas and we have been using it quite often lately; only one time in the car because we haven't gone anywhere!
Lolo and her mama!
Keith wasn't with me on my birthday so he sent the most beautiful flowers.

Both girls with bows in their hair.

Pretty Lauren.
Pa playing with Lilly.
Lauren, Lil and I did outline drawings of them. It was fun but Lilly was really hard to do. She wiggled way too much.
Lauren eating my birthday cupcakes before they were ready to bake. They did not have eggs in them yet. This girl is completely crazy about cake.
Grammy and Lilly.
One morning, and that is a very early morning, both girls woke up and were in bed with me. Lilly looks like she is laughing in this pic but she was yawning.
One of the few times Lauren has wanted to pose with Lilly.
This is how almost every meal ends up! Okay, not exactly but she is a really messy child. Lauren was never as consistently messy as Lilly.
Her fake smile.
Dancing, Dancing, Dancing! They are party machines!
I just like this picture of Lauren.
Two girls in the toy box.
Lilly looking tired and cute.
Miss Lauren wearing her bathing suit and Lilly's and playing in their Dora the Explorer tent. The tent is on its side.
Pretty girl.
Lilly charging the camera. I think she looks like cousin Ryan Howser in this picture.
The girls getting ready to go out on that really warm day we had in February. They are looking adorable in their hats from Great Aunt Diane.

Mr. Frankie.
Lauren playing dress up in a costume that had belonged to our neighbor.


Andrea Rice said...

I love the pictures! Especially the raincoats...and the flowers. Very nice! I can't believe how big the girls are getting. I hope to meet them one day.

Aunt Angela said...

Love the pictures! I can not believe all the hair Lauren has - must get that from Keith. LOL

auntie kelle said...

yay!!! finally, more pictures!! they are both soooo beautiful! the "fake smile" picture of lauren looks EXACTLY like you...maybe its just the 'tude! love you all!