Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Modesty Starts Young

Lauren had on this tank top that was a little big for her, as you can see in the pictures above. She kept pulling her arms in through the holes and dropping the shirt down, spinning it around and just playing with it. Keith, just like I did, looked at her breasts to see if they were evening out, growing/reducing or just changing in general since we have to check up on this from time to time. Keep in mind, he is across the room and did a quick look. Lauren shot him a look that was stone cold, as if to say, "What you lookin' at?" She then promptly put up the straps to her shirt and walked further away!
K: "I wasn't looking, Lauren!"
She just looked at him.
K: "Are we there already? Have we reached that point?"
L: "Um-hum."
K: "Can you take a bath by yourself and diaper yourself? Lauren? Can you diaper yourself?"
L: "No."
K: "Well, then we aren't there."
K: "Way to make your dad feel like a pervert, Lauren!"

(Meanwhile, I am roaring with laughter! I wish you all could have been there because it really was funny stuff!)

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