Thursday, July 24, 2008

No More Frank Family Website

Well, for the few of you who care, I have dismantled the Frank Family website. Only Aunt Angela, Scott & Katie, Amber and my mom had even visited it so I am done. I think it would have been a fantastic communication tool for such a large family and if enough people request it, I might do it again in the future. I am a little bummed it didn't work. Oh well, thanks to the few of you who tried to get things going.

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Aunt Angela said...

Thank you for trying and I agree it would have been a wonderful tool, but just not enough interest. :(
I do love visiting your site for the girls! I see you had a video of Lily's funny faces and I saw it a couple of days after you posted it , but when I tried to view it I received a message that it had been deleted. :( But I do LOVE the pictures!! They are two very precious little girls and you are doing a great with them!