Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lauren's Bike

Okay. We still have to wait another week yet because we are going to give this to Lauren when we celebrate the girls' birthdays next Saturday but I can't contain my excitement! This is the coolest pink tricycle EVER! This picture doesn't do it justice. The pink is so pink and the chrome is so shiny! We found it at Sunrise Bikes and Boards in Fenton when we went to look for a bike rack. (Kurt - explanation for Keith's weird call about borrowing your rack... He wanted to make you think we were just rudely taking yours again but we actually had our own. Would have been funny but you were so easy going and mellow about the whole thing that it ruined it. :D) Anyway, while Keith was looking at the racks (including the one on the sales girl), Lilly and I were following Lauren around and around and around the store as she rode this trike, ringing the bell the entire way. Pretty cute. They wanted a lot of money for it because 1) it is a specialty bike store and 2) duh, it's Fenton. So we came home and I used my trusty Google search and found it at for $30 cheaper!!!! So now it is sitting, waiting under the stairs for the big day when Lauren gets to ride it and I can barely contain myself! We also got her a pillow. I know that sounds pretty boring but it actually quite exciting in its own special way. It is her very first pillow. She is going to be a big girl! Tonight she was almost a big girl. After dinner, I was trying to get her diaper changed and get her pjs on. She wanted to do some streaking. It is one of her favorite past times lately because it makes Lilly laugh so hard. She decided to sit her little bare butt down on her potty and she started to try to poop. She farted and it startled her and then she hopped off and then back on a couple of times. We were cheering her on and I quickly grabbed The Potty Book for Girls so that she could look at another girl using the potty. We were just so surprised. We have talked about it, read about it and watched Elmo sing about it but we have never tried to push the issue at all. She is ready to give it a try! Yeah! Unfortunately she did not go on the potty. Instead, I chased that little blond demon around a chair in the living room as she clenched poop between her cheeks and giggled. At one point she tried to clear a laundry basket and smeared that with a little bit of poop and that is when I decided enough was enough. I tackled the Great Brown Streak-er and diapered her all the while screaming over her cries about what a big girl she is and how she is going to be an awesome pooper! Yeah. My life is vastly different then I ever could have imagined. After all of that, I discovered that one of the cats had puked on the floor. They never do it on the wood floor, naturally. Crap!
Keith: "And this girl wants new carpet."
I do.

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auntie kelle said...

her bike looks like my pretty pink beach cruiser!!! she's gonna love it