Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stop in the Name of Lauren!

Boy! Lauren is really starting to demand order. She arranges things, knows where things usually go and thinks that is the only way. She even orders people around. In the evenings, she tells us where to sit based on where we usually sit and won't let Mommy lay down - at all! But things took a different turn last night when she wouldn't let Keith play with us after dinner. She ordered him back into the dining room where he was instructed to sit! She got so upset when he would get up. Today, Ethan came over after school and things were fine until he tried to touch her car. Keep in mind that Ethan is 7 and doesn't want her car. He can't even fit inside of it. But it seemed to push Lauren over the edge and she vanquished Ethan from the living room. She made him stand in the entry. Whenever he would head toward the living room, Lauren would charge at him, hand raised, shouting, "STOP, Ethan!" He stopped.

Lilly is finally walking like a champ. I think having a sister who always brought her everything kept her in one place for so long. When Lilly decided to try walking, Lauren would push her down. She has now overcome and walks non-stop all day. If she is awake, she is walking.

We are getting ready for our up North trip. Keith is going hunting north of Lincoln and since he will be passing through Tawas, the girls and I are going to my mom and dad's for a long deer widows' weekend. We are excited but not nearly as excited as we will be to see Auntie Kelle when she comes home next week! She hasn't seen Lilly since she was a newborn.

Not sure that I will be blogging while in Tawas. We will see.


auntie kelle said...

hmmm....i wonder where that bossy gene comes from? any ideas, ROBIN? i only hope she'll let me sit in the living room even though its not where i normally sit.

Aunt Angela said...

Oh good to hear Aunt Kelle will be home for a visit. How long can she stay?