Monday, November 3, 2008

Election 2008

Okay, one day to go! Regardless of how you plan to vote, go vote. This really is the MOST IMPORTANT election of our lifetime. The girls and I will be voting tomorrow. Will you?

The girls and I voted this morning. I called my neighbor because I knew he voted already and I wanted to know how long I could expect the lines to be. He said he waited over an hour. I went at 10:30 so I expected it to be better. It was! I didn't even wait five minutes. However, I was prepared with books, toys, snacks, drinks etc. to entertain the girls.
When we were getting our ballot, she was really chatty with the women at the registration desk and Lilly was really sleepy. We found a stroller friendly spot and Lauren sat on my lap. She saw me filling in all the bubbles on my ballot and she kept saying, "Me color too." I gave her some "debbies" and she was content to sit there and let me do the coloring. Both girls did really well. It was Lauren's second time going to vote and Lilly's first. We all earned our stickers!!! Go get your free sticker today, too!!!!

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Andrea Rice said...

Lucky! I was in line at 6:50 with Sean in tow...I didn't get out of the school until 8:35!!! I, being the optimist I am, didn't think the lines would be that long, so I didn't bring any form of entertainment for Sean. Luckily I found a monkey & book and of course, the ever present Chinese menu in his stroller...

But Sean (and Lili) voted with me this morning...