Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mommy Moments

For a couple of years now, I have been reading this blog I haven't read it in awhile but quickly remembered why I love it. Some of you may even remember when I shared her birth story on my old website. (Does poop labor ring a bell?) So tonight, I share with you another Dooce special that made me laugh. Hope you get a chuckle, too.

When asked by her four year old daughter if she could eat some of her Halloween candy right after collecting it, she had this reaction.

I hesitated when you asked me, because I am mean and evil and enjoy the sound of your head exploding, and then said yes. Of course. It's Halloween. And Leta, I don't think you have ever loved me more than you did in that moment. In fact, you took the time to hug me and tell me that I am wonderful before ripping into a full-sized Hershey's bar. It is not lost on me that you showed such affection because of a goddamn chocolate bar and not because I carried you in my womb for nine months or because I pushed your seven-pound body out my wee waw. For a chocolate bar that did not whip out its boob while standing in line at the post office because you needed to be fed. A chocolate bar that has not cupped its hands underneath your mouth as you throw up a cheese quesadilla. That being said, there is a reason you give boxes of chocolate to your loved ones on Valentine's Day and not, say, a picture of vaginal stitches next to a thought bubble that says, "I love you THIS much!"

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