Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Here are the pictures I have been meaning to post along with a few that I just decided to share.

Aunt Kelle has been a huge hit with the girls. Kel loves that Lauren can say Kelle in the cutest way possible.

Of course, Pa is always a huge hit. The girls took turns flipping in his lap.

Aunt Kelle and Lilly.

Aunt Kelle and Lauren.


Both girls trying to go through the tunnel at the same time.

Here comes Lilly.

Lauren insisted, no, demanded that Aunt Kelle go through the tunnel, too.

I think Aunt Kelle was having a bit too much fun.

Lauren clinging to my leg. Her clingy ways have been a huge problem lately. She follows right behind me all the time, wants me to hold her constantly, will not go to Keith, thus, breaking his heart, naps are non-existent and it takes an hour to get her to go to bed at night. I would put her in her crib and just let her cry it out but she has begun jumping out. We are going to try switching her to a big bed but any advice you have that can return her to a "normal" sleeper is greatly appreciated. The 2s are kind of rough, aren't they. Thank goodness we have sweet Lilly to remind us that not all kids are so dramatic!

Speaking of Lilly, her she is in Aunt Kelle's ginormous sunglasses. She was having a really hard time keeping them on so that is why she is making that crazy, funny face. Oh, and this is how easy going Lilly is... without so much as a whimper, she got her first molar. I was so shocked to see it almost completely in. No fussiness, at all, that would make me question if she was teething. Thanks for dealing so well, Lilly. Mama needs it.

It must be good pudding!

Lilly was nibbling on a bowl of that Cheerios snack mix. It has several different kinds of Cheerios, pretzels, crackers and Chex cereal. She was digging her little fingers through the entire bowl searching for just the Chex. More proof that most people favor the Chex in snack mixes above all the other items.

Keith's cousin Nicole and her husband came over one night and brought the kids with them. Poor Nicole has had a rough week. First Morgan sliced her hand open in a freak accident with a bowl and had to be stitched up and is now sporting somewhat of a baby cast on her hand. Then Kristian had his own freak accident with his bed and split his forehead open requiring 8 stitches. I can only imagine how she felt taking her kids to the doctor just a few days apart for serious bandaging! Despite the boo-boos, they played non-stop with the girls toys. Lilly didn't pay any attention to them and Lauren became completely possessive of HER things. Drama, drama, drama.

Kristian with his head boo-boo.

Morgan with her hand boo-boo.

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auntie kelle said...

we missed you all at thanksgiving....but i was happy to see this post. love you all...gobble gobble.