Thursday, November 13, 2008

Making Progress

For the first time ever, Lilly didn't get upset when I vacuumed. She had a worried look at first but just hid behind the chair carefully watching me. Lauren, however, stayed far away in her bedroom and would not come out until the vacuum was put away again. This is huge! Before Lilly was born, I had to carry Lauren around while I was vacuuming pregnant! Can you picture that? After Lilly was about four or five months old, I would have to put the girls on the couch or in their cribs and make a mad dash while they screamed their heads off. I tried to introduce them to the quiet vacuum, get them to touch it or anything that would make them feel safer around it. They don't mind the Dustbuster or my swifer vacuum but I do need to break out the big guns once in awhile.
Thankfully, they are finally warming to the idea of letting Mommy clean. Now, if they would just learn to use it, too!

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Andrea Rice said...

Just stop vacuuming!!!