Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summary of the Day

- Woke up about 6 times with the kids BEFORE 2 a.m.  (You don't even want to know how cranky I am.)
-Discovered before 2 a.m. that Keith's cat (Kitty) pissed (yes, pissed, Mom, because peed doesn't expres how pissed I am!!!) all over one of my favorite purses and the dining room wall!  WTH?  It was this pretty little dusty blue leather clutch with a chain strap that made me forget I was a mommy when I used it.  I want to strangle that cat with the number of accidents she has downstairs but this is the first time upstairs and I want to throw her out!
- Kids are constantly fighting because we can't get out due to the rain.
- Lauren built a block castle and called it the summer home!  Not sure where she heard it... oh wait... must be our imaginary summer home in the Hamptons. (That was the only funny thing about today!)
-Am sick of hearing "I am hungry", 15 - 30 minutes after I served an untouched meal.  There is a little girl screaming in her room right now because she is so hungry!  Eat what I give you or stop complaining! 
- Did I mention I am cranky?
-Kids wanted to paint so I set them up at the table with paintbrushes, newspaper, paper to paint and said do not paint anything but the paper.  Lilly, this means do not paint your arms!  Meanwhile, I tried to do a rush cleanup job on the living room because I am tired of how dirty the girls get it.  Come back and not only are Lilly's arms painted but her dress is too!  Plus, she tried to eat it.  (It is non-toxic so hopefully, she won't reproduce two headed messy children with arms coming out their ears when she is a mama.)
- I think I am getting sick.  We all started the whole allergy mess again when we were camping but I have developed this cough that seems to be sucking my lungs dry every time I cough.  Sucking them dry could be a good thing in the long run but right now it feels like they are being dried with sandpaper.
-Plus, I still have about 3 1/2 hours to go until Keith comes home!!!
I can do it.
I can do it.
I can do it.


kellekellekellekelle said...

PISSED!!! hahaha. sorry you're so grumpy/sicky-poo/tired....but don't stifle lilly's creativity!! i'm painting a dress right now too!

Robin said...

Why don't you come home and take the kids for a weekend and paint all the dresses you want!