Sunday, June 27, 2010

...And We Danced The Achy Breaky Heart Polka

Yesterday we went to a birthday party for one of Keith's co-workers, Matt.  He may be better known as Keith's hunting buddy.  It was held at German Park in Ann Arbor with lots of jolly men in lederhosen and a polka band.  FYI:  If you give Lauren a decent beat, she will dance, which means mama is dancing, too.  It was a lot of fun.  I got to meet all the people we will be camping with next weekend and later again in August.  I loved them.  They are all so nice and have little boys around the girls ages. 
I was disappointed with the food.  Come on!  A German Festival consists of beer, brats and sauerkraut, naturally, but they didn't do very well with any of it.  It cost $5 for anyone over 12 to get in but then they work you over with the price of food and beer.  Plus, once you paid to get in, you could not get back in without paying $5 again.  Did I mention our hands were stamped when we paid but the stamp said, "No Re-entry."  It was like the Berlin wall of beer drinking festivals.  The perimeter was secured with 7 or 8 foot chain link fencing with barbed wire on top.
We did have a great time and of course, I took pictures of my little dumplings before and during the party.  I wish Lilly would always let me put her hair in "punky" tails.  They are also sporting so Wearing Mama Out dresses.  I made Lilly's the morning of with the cutest robot fabric.  She looks so good in green and orange and freakin' loves robots! 
Today we are just hanging around the house.  We had planned to go to the Michigan Balloon Challenge in Howell but the weather really isn't cooperating.  It rained early this morning and we haven't had anything else but a storm is about to roll in any minute.  Plus, I heard south of us is getting drilled.  Wouldn't want to pay to see balloons and a carnival and then have everything shut down due to the weather.  We'll just try again next year.
Enjoy the pictures:

Did you notice how red Lilly's hair looked in these pictures?  She looked so cute.  Everyone was in love with girls and they were so well behaved.  Matt's mom is ready to spoil them when we go camping with them because they only have grandsons.  I think they picked the right girls! 

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