Friday, June 18, 2010

Strike a Pose

I have these great business cards for Wearing Mama Out.  There is a silhouette of a sassy little girl in pig tails that I just love.  I wanted this to be my logo.  Problem is, the woman who makes them doesn't sell the jpeg file or charge a decent price for anything over 30 cards. So... I took a picture of my sassy little girl with her pig tails and then did a little Photoshop magic.  Here is the result:

I am so pleased with the way it turned out.  This is what I have been looking for all along.  What do you think?

The first picture below is the picture of Lauren that I used to make the logo.  The rest are the outtakes from my photo session with Lolo and then some pics of Lilly, too.

These last two pictures are included because I think this little league umpire looks so much like Jerry Stiller.  You know, Arthur Spooner from King of Queens or Mr. Costanza from Seinfeld.  He made a miserable call that put the whole blame on our neighbor Ethan but I still couldn't think of him as anyone other than Arthur Spooner!


O'Mara Family said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the logo, it is soooo COOL!! And your girls are gorgeous :) Lilly's hair is getting so long!!

Robin said...

Thanks, Rachel! I am so afraid I am going to end up giving Lilly a mullet when I try to trim her bangs. Her hair is super thick. Well, if a mullet happens, I will have something funny to write about!