Thursday, September 24, 2009

Preschool, Brillancy and Sickness

Preschool didn't go great today. This morning and Tuesday morning, Lauren was very sad. She didn't cry but looked like it when I dropped her off. This morning, I found her friend MacKenzie and told her, "Lauren is sad today. Will you take care of her?" I knew if she was anything like Lauren, she would jump at the chance. She did. The teacher said MacKenzie held her hand. When I picked her up, she started crying when she saw me. Mrs. Rogner, the assistant told me that she would sit and cry quietly to herself and didn't really want to participate in anything. When they went outside to play, Lauren started really crying. I was baffled. My big girl who was so ready for school, always wants to be there and was one of the few who didn't need me to coddle her during drop off was suddenly not liking school. She says she wants to go back and that she likes school but I think I figured out what is going on... She is sick. She coughed all night and didn't sleep well. This afternoon she started the sniffles and now she has a fever. Poor thing. She actually asked me to go to bed nice and early. Aw. I hope she gets a good night sleep and feels much better tomorrow. I would hate to think that the crying at school will last any longer than it has.

In brilliant child news...(hee hee) all Lauren wanted for dinner tonight was jelly toast. So I made her some and put the spaghetti away. (Spaghetti is her favorite...especially made with Grammy's homemade sauce.) She took a couple bites out of her toast, looked at it and started laughing. "It looks like a little child." It did in a very abstract way. She pointed out its head, eyes and legs! It was quite amazing to see that she picked up on that. Now I should get out the ink blots, huh?

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Debbie said...

She gets her smarts from her Daddy and Mommy!!