Sunday, September 20, 2009

I was Unaware ...

After reading Clifford the Big Red Dog while the girls ate spaghetti for dinner, Lauren and I had the following conversation.

Lauren: I have a dog!
Mommy: You do? Really?
Lauren: Yes.
Mommy: Who is your dog? (I was expecting her to say Daisy, Grammy & Pa's dog.)
Lauren: Um, Millie.
Mommy: Millie? Nice name. What color is Millie?
Lauren: Pink!
Mommy: Must be a pretty doggy. What does Millie like to do?
Lauren: Eat.
Mommy: What does Millie eat?
Lauren: Pss-ghetti.
Mommy: Just like you! What else does Millie like to do?
Lauren: He likes to play.
Mommy: What do you play together?
Lauren: Blocks.
Mommy: Does Millie go to school with you?
Lauren: Yes.
Mommy: Do the other kids at school have dogs, too?
Lauren: Yes.
Mommy: Do they bring their dogs to school, too?
Lauren: YES!!!

I guess we are thisclose to having imaginary friends in our house. Maybe Lauren will be like her Auntie Kelle and have 3 pink piggies following her around.


kelle said...

don't you judge her!!! i still have my little piggies! and they are pinker and prettier than ever. and they love california. and me. so there.

Debbie said...

Everyone should have a pink dog! Remember that a sign of creativity! And you thought Lilly was going to be like Aunt Kelly. Remember Lauren IS a drama queen!