Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cutest Thing Ever

After bath time tonight, Lilly was, well, jumping on Lauren's bed (big no no but I had a bad headache and was tired of being the bad guy) and Lauren was laying on the floor while I helped her into her jammies. Lilly was singing a song from Sleeping Beauty. I don't know the name but it goes, "I know you. I walked with you once upon a dream. I know you the gleam in your eyes is so familiar a gleam...." You know it. Aurora (Briar Rose) sings it when she is off picking berries and dancing with the animals. The girls love this song and associate it with the Disney princesses.
Lilly was singing it and Lauren was looking up at her with the most loving expression on her face. She was smiling like a proud big sister and, this is the BEST part, mouthing the words. When Lilly would get to a spot she didn't know, Lauren would tell her the words. It was the cutest fricken thing EVER!!!!

Tomorrow, actually later today since it is after midnight (I am going to bed soon), Lauren, Lilly and I go to Meet the Teacher day at Lauren's new preschool! Yeah! It is just a drop in thing but I anxious to see what Lauren thinks of her new classroom. The last time we were there was open house night before registration and there were so many people there that we really couldn't check the room out. Plus, at the time we were not sure which classroom would be her classroom. (There are two preschool classrooms.) I told her that I would take my camera and she could have her picture taken with her teacher, Mrs. Hiler. (I kind of have her built up to be this wonderful, princess-like person. I hope I don't let her down.)

Well, it is late and I really want to crank out another digi layout tonight but I wanted to share today's story with you. I am really going to try to do more updates again. We will see. This takes a lot of work!

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