Monday, August 4, 2008

Uncle Ed's Birthday Party

I don't have many pictures because my camera battery died almost immediately and maybe because I was flying solo that day, I didn't have my usual back up set with me. I should be getting more from mom and I just have to copy some from Rachel (smile).

Lilly took to Tim right away which is really unusual because she is slow to warm up with almost everyone.

Midge and cousin Bryce trying to figure out a toy. Midge spent a lot of time playing with those toys.

Tim and Lilly, again, with just a peek at Lauren who wasn't sure about Tim until we left but LOVED Rachel.

Great Aunt Twila showing Lauren and Grammy the pictures she just took. Lauren loves to look at her pictures right away.

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Rachel O'Mara said...

Cute pics! I miss the girls already, I hope we can get together again soon. I will have to send you more pictures I have from that day.