Sunday, August 10, 2008


After we purchased our camper, we took the girls to the Cass City McDonald's play land. They needed to eat and stretch their legs so we spared no expense. This was the first time we had taken them to McDonald's to eat (not the 1st time they have had McD's) and the first time at a play land. We were the only ones in there. It was so nice! Lauren had so much fun and I know Lilly really wanted to be allowed to go but maybe next year.

Lauren going down the slide.

Lauren loved the little slide. I want this in my house! This would keep her happy and entertained all day long!

She was a little upset when she realized she couldn't climb up the slide like she does at home.

How could it possibly be time to go? (Look at that flippy-do her hair does! Not to mention the attitude in her stance! Can you see it? That is 'tude way beyond her years! Go to your room for the next ten years, young lady!!!)

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