Monday, August 4, 2008

My "Fly" & Biker Chick

Lauren loved dancing in her "Abby Cadabby" tutu that I made for her and LOVES her butterfly wings that Grammy gave her. She danced and danced around for the longest time but amazingly paused to take of pictures. These are the same wings that she has to wear when we shop for flowers. She calls them her "fly" wings. Like many compound words and multi-syllable words in general, she shortens the word to the last syllable so butterfly becomes fly or grandpa becomes pa or chipmunk becomes munk. You get it.

Pardon the laundry.

A pre-knee injury Grammy wearing the Cinderella tutu I made, FOR THE GIRLS, dancing around with little miss bossy.

Lilly loves to put things on her head. Anything that looks like it will go on her head and stay there, she will put there so I put a bandanna on her and look how cute she looks. She knows it, too. Fierce!

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auntie kelle said...

grammy looks so pretty in her tutu....and of course the girls look beautiful in all of the pictures. i can't believe how long lauren's hair is!!! every picture of little lilly is more expressive than the last...i love and miss all of you so much. i'm trying to figure out a trip in september. it would be the best b-day present i could give myself to spend some time with my family.

big hugs and kisses to everyone.