Monday, July 1, 2013

Starting the July Photo Challenge

I'm not a blogger.  I never blog, yet here I am.  Again.  The whole reason I started blogging years ago was to keep my family up to date on my pregnancies, then babies....  Now that I have been using Facebook for a few years, I don't need the blog.  However, my friend Alita asked me if I wanted to participate in a photo a day photo challenge for the month of July.  So I am back to blogging as a way to entertain myself and have a place to post my, hopefully, daily pictures.

Day 1:  Red 

Red Heads in the Fairy Garden


Alita Jewel said...

Awe! Now those are cute. I wonder what kind of garden I can get the kiddos to make. Hmmm gonna pinterest boy gardens..

I like the red! :)

I'm going to collect mine and post it on Sundays :)

Robin said...

Thanks, Alita. I might switch to every few days or so. We'll see how often I remember to do it!
Also, my cousin made a gnome garden with her boys. You could use action figures, do a butterfly garden or even a pirate garden. So many ideas.