Friday, December 5, 2008

Visiting Santa

I have already posted a photo from our visit with Santa and you can anticipate another one after I pick up the ones I paid for. Until then, here are some more pictures I took while we were visiting Santa.

In front of the store, they had this adorable sleigh that looked like it was begging to have toddlers in it. So we did just that. Lauren went in first and she did not want to come out. She loved it!

Lauren sat on the floor of the sleigh and Lilly in the actual seat.

Lilly was harder to control in it. She is not entirely stable at all times so she needed a little assistance.

Inside the store is filled with wonderful displays. They are known for their flowers and wonderful arrangements they do for weddings, parties and for commercial and residential decorating but their gift shop is fantastic. Overpriced but fantastic. Lauren loved the room filled with gifts for babies especially the bathtub filled with stuffed animals.

Lilly and Pa.

I loved this angel. She was nestled in between huge plants and woodsy displays including a small tree filled with candles in glass.

This bird feeder was nearby.

We missed these guys right away when we were with Santa because they are usually right next to him relaxing after pulling Santa's sleigh in to town. We found them wandering through the poinsettias.

We would have taken this little one home if we could.

My pretty little lady.

In complete and total awe of Santa. I think she just realized she forgot to ask Santa for anything. Don't worry, Lauren, Santa knows exactly what you want. ;)

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