Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Finally Some Photos

It has been awhile. I haven't spent much of my spare time online. I will admit I have been a little addicted to this computer game that I have been playing (a lot) after the kids go to bed a night. However, since Keith has been gone almost 2 weeks now, I figure I should update the blog with some photos like I told him I would. These are all pictures that I took before Keith left because you don't really expect me to update the blog and get the pictures of my camera in the same night, do you?

Lilly on Daddy's lap before bedtime.

Lilly is really close to walking on her own and here, Lauren is helping her learn the ropes with just a little more help from Grammy. We always say, "walk, walk, walk," when we walk with Lilly and Lauren is doing it, too. Lauren has even started to walk with her arms up in the air like someone is holding on to them and her legs spread out like we do with Lilly and says, "walk, walk, walk," as she, apparently, teaches herself to walk! It is really funny.

One weekend, Grammy painted Lauren's toenails for her and called her a lady. Lauren said she was a lady. When she got back to me, I painted her toes once the paint had chipped away and painted mine at the same time. She said, "I pretty. Mama pretty." Such a lady.

Lauren and her friend Mickey go for a ride.

She is trying to charm me into giving her something sweet for a treat.

Goofing around with Daddy before bed. I love how Lilly just peeks back at me at the bottom of the picture.

The neighbors gave us this awesome little car which the girls fight over all the time. This is Lauren driving with her sunglasses that fit her last year and her signature hat.

Lilly gets a turn in the car whenever Lauren isn't around. Maybe I should stop yelling at other drivers on the road when the girls are with me because Lilly is clearly exhibiting road rage here.

When 2 year olds dress themselves like hip hop dancers. She really was dancing in this photo and she really did dress herself. She picked out everything down to the shoes.

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Aunt Angela said...

Good to see you back. I check your blog 4-5 times a week and there has been nothing new and I have been bummed:( . I love see new pictures of L & L so thank you :).
I did not want to say anything because I know you must be busy, but now I can't seem to help myself. I am just glad to see you are posting again.