Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cousin Jenna's 2nd Birthday Party

Jenna celebrated her 2nd birthday on Saturday, August 30th. It was a beautiful day and here are some of the pictures.

Birthday girl Jenna loved her balloons.

Jenna, Lauren and Jayden on Jenna's birthday present, her very own moon bounce. Yes, hers. She got to keep it. Lucky little girl

A very happy Jenna.

Jayden had enough of the girls and had to butch it up with a football.

Speaking of needing to butch it up.... Hey, Justin, that will look darling on you.

Soon to be new mom Aunt Shannon and expecting poppa, Uncle Jon with Great Gram.

Lauren and Jenna push the pretty pink lawn mower. So cute. Lauren's birthday was August 11th and Jenna was born just 20 days later on August 31st. They look so close in size.

Lauren did not like Jenna holding onto the bike she wanted to ride.

Cousin Jon and little Lilly

Again, he is WAAAYYY too excited about these gifts.

See how Jenna is containing her emotions, Justin? Put on the big boy pants! (I am teasing out of love, of course.)

Tired rosy-cheeked Lauren.

Mommy Carla snapping pictures of the party.

Yes, I see you, cutie.

So much fun!

More fun.

Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.

If they weren't cousins he would be carrying her purse and buying her jewelry on this shopping trip.

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