Monday, November 8, 2010

Concept of Time, Place & Eyeglasses

Okay the big news of the day... our little Lauren has to wear glasses.  I had noticed her eye turning inward once in awhile, especially when she gets tired and knew I had to get her in right away.  I made an appointment and during that two week wait, it got a little worse and her teacher also pulled me aside and mentioned it.  I was all prepared for the whole patching routine.  A friend of mine is going through it for the second time with her daughter so I had prepped Lauren for what might happen and even browsed some super cute, girlie patches online.  Surprise, surprise, no patching.  She is farsighted.  Her eye sight is worse than mine.  Poor thing.  I am having a hard time adjusting to the idea of her wearing glasses.  I'm sure we will all adjust.  Her eyes were dilated so she couldn't see the glasses when we were trying them on so I picked out a pretty, princess-ey pair that have pink and purple hearts on the side.  I will take pictures of her when we get the glasses next week.

Lilly has been starting to label things with her new found sense of time, which as you can imagine is not the greatest at three years old.  When she can't go potty, she'll hop down from the toilet and say, "Maybe I'll try next week."  She will randomly assign days of the week to sound like her teachers and us: "That will be perfect Friday."  Um, okay.  Tonight she asked for a yogurt.  When I asked her to pick between blueberry and strawberry, she picked blueberry and said the strawberry would be perfect next month.  Not sure about that but whatever you say, Lil.

And finally, last night the girls and I were in the bathroom getting ready for bed and Lilly noticed a yellow spot on the linoleum.  I told her it was a stain that was there when we bought the house.  Next, Lauren and I had the following conversation:
Lauren:  You bought us a house?
Me:  Well, yes, Daddy bought us a house.
Lauren:  And then we came?
Me:  Kind of.  Daddy and I were little kids, we grew up, Daddy bought the house, we got married and then we had you.
Lauren:  So we live here.
Me:  Yes.
Lauren:  Before that we just lived on the grass?

I had to explain that we have lived other places but she and Lilly had only lived in our home and no one lived on the grass.  It was really cute. 

The older she gets, the better the conversation.  I love it.  Now, I have to go attend the rock and roll concert going on in my living room.  Keith, Lauren and Lilly are playing Rock Star, again.

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