Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nothing New

So I really don't have anything new to say, I just had to post something new because it is January and I still had a Merry Christmas post up. 
I don't have many new pictures to choose from because I haven't been taking any new pics.  I go in waves.  I find that every few months I stop taking pictures and just chill.  I think the girls like it when I take a break from shoving a camera in their faces all the time.
I have been playing with a  lot of my photos in photoshop and figuring out how to work my camera better but not really taking pictures.  I have also been getting back into sewing lately.  I have a new machine that is completely AWESOME!  It is a Brother sewing/embroidery machine and it is by far the easiest machine I have ever used!  The bobbin just drops in and it picks up the thread all by itself.  Anytime I get stuck, I can hit the help button and it shows me the steps to take to fix the problem I am having by displaying pics on its LCD screen.  Nice.  It has an automatic threader, 70 built in embroidery designs + 5 different fonts and about a billion stitches!  I love it!  I have a feeling I am going to be sewing a lot more!  I have a dress for Lauren all cut out and ready to go but I screwed up when I was first putting it together.  I make the same mistake every single time I start sewing after having not done it in awhile.  Instead of sewing the right sides together, I sew one wrong side to one right side.  This time, I had a row of straight stitches and a row of zigzags that had to be pulled out.  I haven't had a chance to resew it.  Maybe tonight but I have had a migraine all day and yesterday so we will see what I can accomplish as the night goes on.  Amazingly, my headaches always seem to let up once the kids go to bed!  That is a skull scratcher!
Here are a few pictures that I have been playing with in Photoshop. They are some older pics but so much fun to look back on. 

Here is Lilly playing Rock Band.  Well, she thinks she is playing.  We don't actually turn on their instruments because they don't usually finish a song and then leave us hanging.  Lauren is actually quite a good drummer.  She always counts us in while banging her drumsticks together.  She can stick a song out so maybe we will have to play a couple songs on no fail to see how she does.

This is a book I made for Lilly with robots.  She loves robots.  I had a lot of fun making this book because I got to try out a lot of different stitches on my new machine.  The girls love it and I am going to make a book for Lauren.  She wants rainbows.  I'll post pics when that is done.

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