Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Merry Christmas!

A happy belated Christmas everyone!

We had a very nice Christmas at home... very low-key.  The girls I were sick for an entire week so things are just getting back to normal around here.  I am just now getting around to sending my cards out so I am so sorry they are late.  I had an initial problem with my order and then when they showed up, I was sick, sick, sick... too sick to even think about sending cards.  So you can start holding your breath now because they are on their way quick.

We also visited with our new nephew this evening and finally got to hold the little bugger!  He is so cute!  It really took me back to when Lauren and Lilly were that tiny.  So cute.

Keith and the girls listening to Twas the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve.  Jan gave us this book.  It is one of those Hallmark books that you can record someone reading the book and then save it.  It is such a thoughtful gift and the girls will love hearing Nana's voice reading to them year after year after year.

Lilly and the girls' new Cinderella carriage pop up tent-like playhouse which is really, really cute but the biggest pain in the butt ever!

 What would Christmas be without the Red Wings?  Oh yeah!  Jesus and stuff! (hee hee)

 Pa and Lil cuddling.

I do not even try to dress her anymore.  She picks out what she wants.  I promise you that at any given time of the day, she has on at least two skirts.  I am fostering her creative genius!

Kurt and baby Derek


 Another beautiful red head.

 Grandpa and his grandson.

 I love this picture of Lauren probably because she is actually smiling!  I also think she looks like Keith's cousin Kayla in this pic.  My cutie!

 Another one of Derek looking all cute and sleepy.

 Grandma and her grandson.

 Aunt Erika helping Lilly open her Christmas present.


 Lilly and Mama playing with the camera.


 The girls comparing.  (Read:  Lauren scooping out what she will later take from Lilly.)

 Terry's new look.

 Another happy picture of a happy Lauren.  She is setting up her grocery store and/or tea party.

 Cooper, our hairier nephew!

 Lilly could see herself on the screen of the camera and thought it was great!  Silly girl.

This is the last post for 2009.  We are headed to Matt and Lisa's to ring in the new year in the best way we can... hanging out with our best friends and their three beautiful daughters.  Us and 5 girls... twin 7 year olds, a 3 year old and two 2 year olds.  Hm.  That should make for some interesting stories for 2010!

Happy Safe New Year Everyone!!!

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