Friday, October 7, 2011

Who Gives This Child....

Today is our first no school day due to the teachers having a professional development day.  Nice.  We slept in and played with my awesome nephew Derek.  Lauren loved playing with him and helping him.  You could see how much they loved hanging out with each other.  After Derek left, the girls asked if they could get out their mini La LaLoopsy dolls.  (They weren't allowed to have them out while Derek was over because they have some very small parts.)  They set up their "village" which consists of the boxes they came in all strategically lined up in our front bow window.  They were playing so well when Lauren got a little excited and a doll slipped from her hand that was waving around excitedly.  You know the correct physics law that applies to this one, right?  An object in motion always comes to rest on the top of a siblings head.  It didn't hurt Lilly but she acted the part.  Lauren said, "I'm sorry, Lilly.  Do you give me?"
Lilly says nothing.
Lauren"  "Do you give me, Lilly?"
Me:  "I think you are trying to say forgive me."
Lauren:  "Do you give me, Lilly?"
Lilly:  (Very matter of fact) "I believe I do."

Playing continued.

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O'Mara Family said...

hahahahaha! Hilarious!