Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Take It Back

What can I say about that girl?
She has such a stubborn, independent streak that it has taken me totally by surprise that school has been a huge ordeal for her.  She was fine.  Loved school and now she does not like it and doesn't want to go.  She cries, screams and kicks trying to get to me.  Tuesday night, Keith asked her why she cried at school that morning.  She looked at him like he should already know and said very matter of factly, "Because Mama left me."  Ouch.  That hurt.  I am hoping to have a better outcome tomorrow so I bribed her.  If she doesn't cry when I leave her, Lauren and I will bring her a surprise when we pick her up.  She agreed to it but let's just wait and see.

Lauren is doing awesome at school.  She loves it and wakes up way too early on school days.  She just can't wait to get there.  That makes me very happy.  I always loved school and hoped to have kids that liked it too.  Lauren's class made applesauce today and Friday we take our very first field trip.  This will be the first time they get to ride the bus.  This is MAJOR!  All the kids are looking forward to going to the cider mill.  (A few of us moms are, too!)  Poor Lilly doesn't get to go.  There are age restrictions for the school bus plus the school tries to make it a special outing for the 4 year olds and their parents.  Besides, Lilly gets to do it next year.
While Lauren was at school this morning, Lilly and I helped our friend Erin with a babysitting emergency.  Erin babysits and cute little baby boy but had scheduled someone to watch him while she went to the eye doctor.  She was a no show so Lil and I got to hang out with baby Keegan.  He is a really good baby but that didn't sway Lil too much.  She took one look at him and said, "I don't like that.  Take it back."  I am really, REALLY glad I am not pregnant.  She would be a tough one to win over!  She was delighted when Keegan went back. 

I'll let everyone know how Lilly does with school tomorrow and, of course, I will take lots of photos on Lauren's field trip!

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