Saturday, August 7, 2010

Robot Girl is Three & so is the Princess

Lilly is now three years old as of Monday, August 2nd!  She really does seem so much older now.  She talks and talks and talks especially when Lauren is not around.  She said the most amazing sentence today.  It was so thought out and made lots of sense.  I don't remember what she said or what it was about but right in the middle she said "because" and then explained.  It was so smart!  I love her to pieces!  The one word I would use to sum Lil up would be happy.  She is almost always happy and she makes me so happy.  She is so darn cute... the way she looks at me, the way she eats... everything.  I am so lucky to be Lilly's mama. 
Lilly has been growing again.  This morning, I got out the tape measure and lined the girls against the door.  Two inches separate them.  Two!  I need to start measuring feet too because I think they might be wearing the same size shoe now.  We will get an official weight and height in a few weeks when I take them to see their new doctor.  Yes, we had to leave our beloved doctor because of our stupid insurance.  I cried and cried and then felt completely sick to my stomach.  It isn't fair that we have to leave after 10 years but hopefully, we will be back.
Finally, Lauren was calling me on her pretend phone today.  We were sitting about five feet apart.  Our conversation was just like the three we had already had on our phones but this time we had a slight interruption: 
L:  Hi Mama.
M:  Hi Lauren.  How are you?
L:  Fine.  What are you doing?
M:  Well, I am still reading...
L:  Hold on for a minute, please.
(L:  Lilly that is mine.  Put it down.)
L:  Okay.  Hi Mama.

It was so hysterical to me that she stopped talking to me politely instead of just yelling like she always does and then came right back to our conversation.  I think she has been paying attention to me when I am on the phone. 

I love my girls!!!

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auntie kelle said...

oh, such big girls! they are so funny and sweet. i miss you all soooo much!!