Thursday, May 6, 2010

Birthday Shout Out

There are certain things in life that I am really good at remembering.  I remember my 2nd grade best friend's phone number.  I remember my grandma's address.  I am great at recalling birthdays but not so great at remembering to mail cards on time.  There are probably just as many things I am terrible about remembering.  For example, do we have Ranch at home?  (This is why I have 3 bottles in my pantry.)  What did I come into this room for?  Or one of the embarrassments of my adult life... I can't remember how to play euchre.  I don't even know if I spelled it right.  Spell check says so...  I have tried to learn around 6 + times but I think I have a mental block that prohibits me from retaining anything related to euchre.  Why is this an embarrassment?  I am from Michigan, duh!  Self proclaimed birth place of euchre.  Therefore, every natural born Michigander (and Michigoose, hee hee)  knows how to play.  I think we can just chalk this one up to my genetic defect of being unnaturally stubborn.  I know which side of the family it comes from but I won't point fingers at him.  (Oops! Love ya Dad.) 
Why does what I remember have anything to do with the title of this blog, 'Birthday Shout Out?'  Well, today is my fabulous cousin Rachel's birthday.  I wanted to call and wish her a happy birthday but even though she has had the same work schedule for, well, a really long time and she has told me over and over, I cannot seem to process this information.  Luckily for me, Rachel is a fellow blogger and one of my three readers so she will see this.

Happy Birthday, Rachel!  

I hope you have a wonderful day (at home or at work, whichever) and give me a call on one of your days off so we can plan a little get together.  The girls and I like to check out new parks so maybe we can do that together.  Happy birthday!  (For some strange reason, when I finished typing that, I started to hum the Star Wars theme song.  All for you cuz!)

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O'Mara Family said...

Thanks Robin!! Funny blog post, I can totally relate :)