Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Lilly was acting crazy and not listening to me. 
Lauren:  Mama, what is Lilly doing?
Me:  She is being naughty and not listening.
Lauren:  Mama, Lilly needs to focus.  Lilly, you just need to focus.

Grammy had just spent the night...
Lauren:  That room is too messy for Grammy to sleep in.
Me:  Did Grammy say that?
Lauren:  Yes.
(Mom completely denies this!)

Lilly was crying over something...
Lauren:  Lilly, take a deep breath and go to your room.
Lilly:  Ooh-kaaaay (between wails).

Last night the girls were being pretty wild after "lights out" and I had already had to go into their room several times.  On this particular trip in, the lights were on, toys and bedding were dumped in the center of their room and there was all kinds of delinquency happening in that room!  I.was.mad.
I was giving Lilly a talking too and putting her back in bed when Lauren, sitting pretty as a picture on the side of her bed with her legs crossed said very matter of factually, "Mama, try not to be so mean."  (Oh boy!)

On top of the funny things that come out of her mouth, she has started to pose like no other when the camera gets in front of her.  I'm talking Miley-kind of posing.  Where did she pick it up?  I don't do it.  Keith doesn't do it.  She isn't around older girls and she doesn't watch anything other than cartoons on nick jr. and Disney.  She likes to flash the peace symbol (which she has to really think hard about it before she does it and often comes out looking like she is pointing at me).

The rest of us are trying to get more sleep and stay healthy.  Keith came home (late) from work complaining of pressure in his head, upset stomach and aches.  Uh-oh.  Plus, Lilly has had diarrhea all afternoon and evening on top of being very cranky the last two days.  Uh-oh.  She just started coughing and crying in her room as I type this (10:45 p.m.)  Better go check it out.

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