Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Just a few pictures to show what we have been up to.  
Great Grammy and the girls.  Lilly wanted down to play with the dog toys. :)
Here is one of ties I made and put on good ol' Eeebee Baby.  It is now for sale at Morgan's Boutique in Holly.

Next, Lauren models a tie.              (I am having a tough time spacing the pics and writing comments so bare with me.)  When Keith got home from work last week, Lilly grabbed a hold of him and would not let go.  (They hadn't seen each other in days.)
Okay.  I give up trying to caption the photos.  Let me tell you what the photos are about.  There are a few from our visit with Great Grammy.  A couple of shots from Lauren's Valentine's Day party at her school.  The Scooby Doo sweatshirt Lauren is modeling is something I made.  The little yellow dress is another I made.  The hanger is making it look funny because it is a very small dress.  There is a picture of a bow tie I made all packaged up for sale.  And there are a few pictures of Lauren on Valentine's Day.

Last night as the girls were supposed to be falling asleep.  I overheard Lauren say, "Hey Lilly.  Want to smell my feet?"  Lilly answered with a very enthusiastic, "Okay!"  Goofballs.

Oh, I almost forgot.  The picture of Lauren with the lotion on her face.... I was making dinner and Lilly came out to the kitchen wanting her hands wiped off.  I gave her a towel and then caught a familiar wiff of lotion.  I couldn't quite place the smell so I asked Lilly to show me where she got the lotion.  She led me to her room where Lauren was covered with Desitin!  For a split second I was mad but then started to laugh so I slapped my hand over my mouth and walked back out to get my camera and to stop laughing.  We ended up having an unscheduled bath before dinner.  I still can't get over the fact that Lauren was the messy one.  Lilly was nearly clean!  Shocking!

For today, we are off to the store to buy some more kitty litter.  We are having a major issue with the cat that KEITH BROUGHT HOME!  Yes, Kitty.  She is peeing on everything!  I am furious!  I guess the potty training never ends!

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auntie kelle said...

i LOVE this pictures! They are both so adorable! i miss you all terribly!