Saturday, June 27, 2009

Toledo Zoo Pictures

June 14 th - we went to the Toledo Zoo with friends and family for a fun day of sun, animals and screaming! Lauren didn't like the zoo. She was okay until we went to the aquarium and then all hell broke loose! I think because it was dark and loud, it frightened her. She did enjoy having a "big sister" for the day since our dear friend Lisa came with her three girls: Callie and Isabella (7 in July) and Lucy (2 in July). Callie and Lauren held hands frequently throughout the zoo. It was too cute.
Also, every now and then we would pass Keith's cousin Nicole, her husband Kris and their kids Kristian (3 in July) and Morgan (1 1/2). We wish would could have spent more time with them especially since they organized the event but keeping so many people together is really difficult. Luckily, we will see them tomorrow at Kristian's beach birthday party. (His real birthday is the 4th of July.)

Just starting out in the fairly empty parking lot.
The nice gate at the entrance to the zoo.
Lauren wouldn't pose with the bear statues but wanted to sit on this rock in front because the kids before us did that.
Lilly and Daddy did some posing for me. Those bears were extrememly hot.
A scultpture that Lauren and I liked.
Lisa and Lauren looking at the giraffes.
Lilly and Daddy checking out the same giraffes.
Eagles. I was shocked how little their enclosure was. In fact, a lot of the enclosures seemed quite small.
Our sweet Goddaughter, Callie and her "little sister" for the day, Lauren.

The girls checking out the tiger hide.

Waiting patiently for lunch.
Isabella, Callie, Lilly and Lauren
Bella, Callie and Lauren getting tired of waiting.
More waiting for lunch.
The Toledo Zoo is rough. Look at this roving biker gang. Yikes!
In the aquarium

These jellyfish were sooo cool. I wish I had a tank full of them in my house. They are captivating.
Lauren looking into a large tank.
The grounds of the Toledo Zoo were so beautiful.
These were the only pretty butterflies that were ready to be seen at the zoo on this particular day.
Look how close we got to the apes.
This was the class clown.
Large and in charge. He was really acting for us too.
This baby gibbon was the cutest thing there! He was so funny to watch. He didn't have much control over those long arms and legs.
Keith looked at this wall and jokingly exclaimed, "They've got people in this zoo, too?"
Aggressive ducks
The white lions were really hard to see so Keith lifted the big girls up so they could see.
Lauren and Callie
An example of a don't:
Callie and Bella
Our girls ready to go.

Lucy - sticky Lucy

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