Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mama's Got a New Ride

Okay, I know it has been awhile, again, but I have been busy with the girls and sewing. I have been cutting out patterns and trying to sew when I get a chance. Also, I got a new car. Isuzu is cutting their employee lease program next month so we had to decide whether to buy Keith's 5 passenger Ascender (same thing as a Trailblazer) or start looking elsewhere. We wanted something that had room for more passengers because the girls' car seats take up the entire backseat. So, we bought a 7 passenger Ascender that was turned in on the employee lease program and the girls and I are very happy with it. (Keith is now driving my Impala which is giving him much better mpg on his hour long commute each day.) I love that both girls can see out the windows. They laugh and play or just sit quietly looking out their side of the car (I love that) while I am busy enjoying my moon roof! Plus, we now have a third row to stick Grammy in! This is not a picture of my Ascender but of one a lot like it I found online. Cute, right?

Yesterday, the girls and I started our own little band in the kitchen. Lauren was playing the drums, Lilly was on the Leap Frog piano and I was shaking the popcorn jar. We took turns with the microphone. We were acting so silly but it was great! After awhile, Lilly had a chance to play some drums, too.

Lauren likes anything that lets her be loud! BANG! BANG! BANG!

Lilly is trying to be like her big sister. Lauren almost always has a hat, a bow or a crown on her head and Lilly tries to do the same thing. She was trying to put this bow on her head so I gave her a hand. It is just barely grasping some fine strands but she was so tickled to be sporting a bow that I think she is going to will her hair to grow quickly!

Doesn't she look like a little school girl? This is another great outfit from cousin Flynn. Lauren did have on her white knee high socks and brown mary janes but I didn't catch her in them.

I love this headband! We bought it at JoAnn's. All of their Halloween items were 60% the day we were there and we ended up getting this for under a dollar. Lauren got little kitty ears that flash red lights. They are nowhere near as cute as this but she wanted those. Lilly, on the other hand, loved her headband and got upset if I took it off or if it fell off. She would turn her head back and forth really fast trying to see the braids! Everyone at the store thought she was so cute and couldn't believe she actually wanted them on her head. Giddee up!!!

I just love this photo. The neighbors were harvesting the soy beans from the field behind the house and Lauren was fascinated with the tractors. She would have walked off into the field if I'd let her! You can imagine how over the moon she was the day before when they had a tractor parked all day right beside that very spot she is standing in. I thought she would be afraid - they get so loud. This is the same girl who is terrified of the vacuum!!!

I need to go to bed. It is now 12:30 a.m. and I have squeezed all I am going to get out of this day (and the next). Unfortunately, I am listening to Lilly's monitor and I hear her squealing and playing in her crib. I will try to go to bed.


Aunt Angela said...

Yes, I have been checking in and looking for new info. so I was very happy to see a post. I LOL at the comment how Lauren is afraid of the vacuum, but the tractor was no big deal. Isn't that the way it goes? Too funny!

Love, AA

auntie kelle said...

i LOVE the girls' accessories. and yes, your new car is cute! i can't wait to see you, and i am going to get a new prescription at the eye doctor today, so i will be able to see you all perfectly!!! i love you guys!